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Paul Monk is a film fanatic, poetry lover, and Green Bay Packer shareholder.

"I worked with him once. He would just wait for someone to voice an idea and then rephrase it, and pretend it was his. That guy is the worst."

Keith Read, The Creative Enquirer

"Who? Oh sure, he's fine."

Alex Monk, Mother

"Imagine a combination of Ira Glass and Steve McQueen... Paul Monk is nothing like that."

Barry Greenberg, The Goldstein Review

"He should be banned from ever wearing a turtleneck again."

Howard RodmanWriters Guild of America

“Dude won't shut up about movies... He’s always trying to get us to watch Suspiria. I’m like, 'no, man, I don’t wanna spend my Friday night watching a 70s horror about ballerina witches or whatever.’”

Clay DuPont, Roommate

"I don't get the appeal."

Stanley Kubrick's Ghost

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